Coasies the brand

Coasies the brand

Coasies - Make your life a gift

The warm beginning of coasies

Coasies is aware of the power of candles and aromas to create an intimate atmosphere and bring people together. In 2022, Coasies started creating candles in various scents and shapes, with the aim of filling every room with a soft glow and enchanting aroma.

Our mission

Coasies' Mission is to provide customers with high-quality and unique fragrance products that contribute to creating a warm, comfortable and loving environment. Coasies also believes it is important to offer an affordable product. With our slogan 'Make your life a gift' we radiate to share the love and joy of life with yourself and others.

Our vision

Coasies' Vision is to become a leading brand of high-quality fragrance products that contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere and a wonderful aroma in the home. Coasies wants to be a brand that is synonymous with quality, style and customer satisfaction.

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